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Leprosy (Leviticus Chapter 14) 痲瘋病

English With Chinese voice overlay

Leprosy Part 1

Leprosy Part 2

Leprosy Part 3

Leprosy Part 4

Leprosy Part 5

Leprosy Part 6

Leprosy Part 7

Leprosy Part 8

Leprosy Part 9

Leprosy Part 10

Leprosy Part 11

Leprosy Part 12




Joy 喜樂

English with Chinese interpretation

Joy 001 Side A

Joy 001 Side B

Joy 002 Side A

Joy 002 Side B

Joy 003 Side A

Joy 003 Side B

Joy 004 Side A

Joy 004 Side B

Joy 005 Side A

Joy 005 Side B

Joy 006 Side A

Joy 006 Side B

Joy 007 Side A

Joy 007 Side B

Joy 008 Side A

Joy 008 Side B

Joy 009 Side A

Joy 009 Side B



Genesis Part 1 to 24 創世記

English with Chinese voice overlay

Genesis Part 1

Genesis Part 2

Genesis Part 3

Genesis Part 4

Genesis Part 5

Genesis Part 6

Genesis Part 7

Genesis Part 8

Genesis Part 9

Genesis Part 10

Genesis Part 11

Genesis Part 12

Genesis Part 13

Genesis Part 14

Genesis Part 15

Genesis Part 16

Genesis Part 17

Genesis Part 18

Genesis Part 19

Genesis Part 20

Genesis Part 21

Genesis Part 22

Genesis Part 23

Genesis Part 24



Holy Spirit 聖靈

English with Chinese interpretation

Holy Spirit 001 Side A

Holy Spirit 001 Side B

Holy Spirit 002 Side A

Holy Spirit 002 Side B

Holy Spirit 003 Side A

Holy Spirit 003 Side B

Holy Spirit 004 Side A

Holy Spirit 004 Side B

Holy Spirit 005 Side A(Temporarily unavailable)

Holy Spirit 005 Side B(Temporarily unavailable)

Holy Spirit 006 Side A

Holy Spirit 006 Side B

Holy Spirit 007 Side A

Holy Spirit 007 Side B

Holy Spirit 008 Side A

Holy Spirit 008 Side B

Holy Spirit 009 Side A

Holy Spirit 009 Side B

Holy Spirit 010 Side A

Holy Spirit 010 Side B

Holy Spirit 011 Side A

Holy Spirit 011 Side B

Holy Spirit 012 Side A

Holy Spirit 012 Side B

Holy Spirit 013 Side A

Holy Spirit 013 Side B

Holy Spirit 014 Side A

Holy Spirit 014 Side B

Holy Spirit 015 Side A

Holy Spirit 015 Side B

Holy Spirit 016 Side A

Holy Spirit 016 Side B

Holy Spirit 017 Side A

Holy Spirit 017 Side B

Holy Spirit 018 Side A

Holy Spirit 018 Side B


Psalm 119 詩篇一百一十九篇

English with Chinese voice overlay

Psalm 119 001

Psalm 119 002

Psalm 119 003

Psalm 119 004

Psalm 119 005

Psalm 119 006

Psalm 119 007

Psalm 119 008

Psalm 119 009

Psalm 119 010

Psalm 119 011

Psalm 119 012


Jesus Reveals God 耶穌顯明神

English with Chinese interpretation

Jesus Reveals God 001

Jesus Reveals God 002

Jesus Reveals God 003

Jesus Reveals God 004

Jesus Reveals God 005

Jesus Reveals God 006

Jesus Reveals God 007

Jesus Reveals God 008

Jesus Reveals God 009a

Jesus Reveals God 009b

Jesus Reveals God 010a

Jesus Reveals God 010b

Jesus Reveals God 011a

Jesus Reveals God 011b

Jesus Reveals God 012

Jesus Reveals God 013

Jesus Reveals God 014

Jesus Reveals God 015

Jesus Reveals God 016

Jesus Reveals God 017

Jesus Reveals God 018a

Jesus Reveals God 018b

Jesus Reveals God 019a

Jesus Reveals God 019b

Jesus Reveals God 020a

Jesus Reveals God 020b

Jesus Reveals God 021a

Jesus Reveals God 021b

Jesus Reveals God 022a

Jesus Reveals God 022b


Book of Ruth 路得記

English with Chinese voice overlay

Ruth 001

Ruth 002

Ruth 003

Ruth 004

Ruth 005a

Ruth 005b

Ruth 006a

Ruth 006b

Ruth 007

Ruth 008


Revelation: Letters to the 7 Churches 啟示錄致七個教會的信

English with Chinese voice overlay

Revelation 001

Revelation 002

Revelation 003a

Revelation 003b

Revelation 004a

Revelation 004b

Revelation 005a

Revelation 005b


Song of Songs 雅歌

English with Chinese voice overlay

Song of Songs 001A

Song of Songs 001B

Song of Songs 002A

Song of Songs 002B

Song of Songs 003A

Song of Songs 003B

Song of Songs 004A

Song of Songs 004B

Song of Songs 005

Song of Songs 006

Song of Songs 007

Song of Songs 009


Spiritual Gifts 屬靈恩賜

English with Chinese voice overlay

Spiritual Gifts 001

Spiritual Gifts 002

Spiritual Gifts 003

Spiritual Gifts 004

Spiritual Gifts 005

Spiritual Gifts 006

Spiritual Gifts 007a

Spiritual Gifts 007b

Spiritual Gifts 008

Spiritual Gifts 009

Spiritual Gifts 010

Spiritual Gifts 011

Spiritual Gifts 012

Spiritual Gifts 013

Spiritual Gifts 014

Spiritual Gifts 001

Spiritual Gifts 016

Spiritual Gifts 017

Spiritual Gifts 018

Spiritual Gifts 019

Spiritual Gifts 020

Spiritual Gifts 021

Spiritual Gifts 022

Spiritual Gifts 023

Spiritual Gifts 024

Spiritual Gifts 025


Praise and Worship 毗努依勒教會讚美和敬拜

English with Chinese voice overlay

Praise and Worship Tape 001

Praise and Worship Tape 002

Praise and Worship Tape 003

Praise and Worship Tape 004


Prodigal Son 浪子的故事

English with Chinese voice overlay

Prodigal Son 001

Prodigal Son 002

Prodigal Son 003

Prodigal Son 004

Prodigal Son 005

Prodigal Son 006

Prodigal Son 007

Prodigal Son 008

Prodigal Son 009

Prodigal Son 010


Miscellenous Sermons 講道選集(英語無中譯)

English Only

Jesus is Passing By Side A

Jesus is Passing By Side B

Questions and Answers 01

Questions and Answers 02

Story of Little Tree 01

Story of Little Tree 02


Conference March 19 to 24, 1996 一九九六年三月底特會

English with Chinese Interpretation

001A Life and Light

001B Life and Light

002A Law and Life

002B Law and Life

003A True Light

003B True Light

004A God's Spirit Dwelling within Us

004B God's Spirit Dwelling within us

005A Abba Father

005B Abba Father

006A Light Love Life

007A Sent by Orders

007B Sent by Orders





010A God of Moses

010B God of Moses

011A Word become Flesh

011B Word become Flesh

012A Jesus Shows God

012B Jesus Shows God

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